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札幌ありがとう、大好きです。 小さい頃からの思い出の場所、また必ず帰ってきます。 とうきび親善大使でした。

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hedachetwinkle replied to your post: anonymous said:Are you trying to …

fucking anon. A good mom is an accepting one

Thank you sweetie.

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Are you trying to make your son gay? God forgive you.

FUCKING HELL….I was not even sure if I was going to answer this or not…

I am beyond pissed off, I’m angry and it takes a lot to make me angry. So congrats my rude anon.

I’m not even sure where to start.

First off all, it’s none of your fucking business if my kid is a princess or not.

Second, who the fuck gave you the permission to go on anon and ask me that?

My son is a happy pink princess and I fucking don’t care if he will be gay or not.

He is MY CHILD and I love him no matter what.

So go and fuck yourself.

(your god can fuck off too if he judge people by their sexuality)

And never ever send me a message again or I will fucking hunt you down and make you BEG me for a forgiveness…….

probably because we don’t give a fuck about gender roles!!!

Hell no we don’t. My son is a pink princess and I don’t care:)

O.õ really? just ‘cause u posted something you wanted on your own blog ???? oh man

It happens sometimes;) And I think it’s amusing.

Whooops I just lost followers after that G-Dragon post of mine……

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